Erratum in convex decomposition article

Hello everyone, I'm two years late on this, but as it turns out, I overlooked a major detail in my previous article, Designing algorithms intuitively : convex decomposition of simple polygons which makes the algorithm produce a result where not every polygon is convex. I'm not going to get into it here since I updated … Continue reading Erratum in convex decomposition article

Designing algorithms intuitively : convex decomposition of simple polygons

ERRATUM 12/03/2019 : a mistake made its way into the algorithm, making it break in some circumstances. If you're using the algorithm and you've seen it not working, this might be why. I address the issue in the relevant place in the article. As a programmer, maybe you have come to a point where your … Continue reading Designing algorithms intuitively : convex decomposition of simple polygons

Reverse arc-length parameterization : example package

Last week (or was it the week before ?), we discussed what I call the reverse arc-length parameterization algorithm, which in short, is an algorithm that solves the travel speed problem while keeping a constant-speed execution. In this previous article, I presented and explained the algorithm ; today is the time for a short one … Continue reading Reverse arc-length parameterization : example package

Constant-time algorithm for parametric curves

Behind that seemingly barbaric title is an algorithm that is very useful, and not very difficult to understand. In computer science, specifically when designing algorithms, the programmer wants to have something that executes fast and uses as little storage as possible (of course). However in most cases you can't have the best of both worlds … Continue reading Constant-time algorithm for parametric curves